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Why did I create the Barbies Games Com site? Well the answer is simple, girls love Barbie, Barbie games, Barbie fashion, and the whole fantasy of being a Barbie. As a soon to be mother with many sisters, nieces, and cousins I have made many happy faces over the years with my Christmas and birthday gifts for my Barbie girls.

Some of my more tom boyish Barbie girls loved adventure detective Barbie and for some of the more girly girls Barbie fashion designer became favorites.  I also like to give software Barbie games for Wii and PC from time to time.

I have really had time over the years to analyze this and came to some conclusions about the whole realm of Barbie games, Barbie online games, and “dress up Barbie” dress up games in general.

For instance…

If you have young girls, sisters, or relatives and you choose to take the proverbial plastic bullet for the team and spend a day playing Barbie with them you will find that they will be playing one of these top three Barbie games.

Dress Up

The most common game you will find young girls playing is dress up games. Barbies over time have generated a huge assortment of different dress up Barbie outfits. In a child’s world what could be more rewarding than completing that perfect color coordinated outfit that fits their individuality and seeing it on their very own Barbie? In addition A hidden benefit I have also witnessed is girls secretly developing the critical skills of dressing themselves.

One thing to keep in mind is when you do decide to surprise one of your little ones with a new Barbie theme is instead of spending money on a new Barbie buy about five new outfits for the Barbie she has and watch her little face light up.

Character Play

Once one of your Barbie girls begins to increase their little imaginations you will begin to notice voices coming from her Barbies – provided by your child, of course. This is the Barbie game of character play. You know… the many roles of Barbie… The Princess Barbie needs help from Charming Barbie to defeat the Bad Barbie in time to hop in the Pink Barbie Jeep and pick up Ken for a hot Barbie night on the town.

Be sure to listen during this time and you will learn allot about what your young one is thinking and dreaming about.

Online Barbie Games

Software Barbie and Barbie online games are the newest rage for kids. Imagine the glee… endless outfits, all the new fashions, and all in one place. It is no wonder that this is the new rage for Barbie girls everywhere.

Playing online is simple enough, you can dress up Barbie with your young one at the helm, print out the results and have custom puppets ready to take on their designed characters

Love, Shelly

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